Sunday, September 5, 2010


The gas in my building still hasn't been turned on after a week which means no hot showers and no gas stove so I've had to work a little harder to come up with meals. Let me tell you, I've become very resourceful with my toaster oven. The other day I even made a plum crumble in it! 

Today we had gazpacho for lunch. It was super simple to prepare. First, I tore up some day old bread and let it soak with a few squashed up tomatoes, salt, olive oil and sherry vinegar while I prepped the other ingredients. Next, I roughly chopped a little red onion, some cucumber and both red and green peppers. Next, I blended everything together, adjusting the seasoning with more salt, pepper, lemon juice, and tabasco for a little bit of heat. I let the soup chill for a little while and when I was ready to eat, I toasted up some roughly chopped almonds and olive oil croutons. This was the best summer lunch!


kali_bliss said...

i dont think i evur met u
but ur haus is so naiss!!
i follow ur blog all the times its a gud wun

kali_bliss said...

i dont think i evur met yu but ur haus is soo naiss and i look at ur blogs all de tym!!! LOOKIN TASTY ;)

kali_bliss said...

make ME dinner sometime hot-e

Shawn said...

Hi Grace, I am a friend of your dad's and he told me about your blog as I love feeding my people with love... I am always looking for new ideas and info on nurturing food ;)
This is so great!!!!!!! I am on this blog too so, I am following you now!

Hope to meet you soon,



Shawn said...

I read what you said about meat... This is a group that's doing workshops on how to kill your own animals to cut the distance between us and where our food comes from... I know, it's sad...

Slow food USA is very interesting too... I just joined them!