Monday, April 5, 2010

Restaurants In NYC That I Love

I thought it might be nice to start a list of restaurants that I like to eat at in New York City.. Also, I'll be posting recommended dishes for each place! Be sure to check back to the link on the sidebar to the right every so often because I'll be updating as often as possible! I live in the East Village, and go to school in the West Village, so I eat a lot in the area.

Alidoro (Italian Sandwiches) - Soho
This italian spot is NOT a panini place and they actually have very strict rules here about what they serve. I always order the Vivaldi (tuna, provolone cheese and eggplant caponata) and ask for them to add arugula. The sandwiches are HUGE and I have a pretty good feeling that they're all equally delicious.

Banjara (Indian) - East Village
Really good Indian restaurant that Lucas and I order from. Everything is good!

Bonsignour (Sandwiches) - West Village
Tiny place near school, I always get the Avocado Melt on baguette with dijon mustard. The sandwich is melty with swiss cheese and has avocado as well as tomato on it. It reminds me of the quesadillas that my mom used to make for me when I was little.

Caracas (Venezuelan) - East Village
This place is the BEST!! I order the La Del Gato arepa (fresh white mozarella-like cheese, avocado and fried plantains), and sometimes the Domino empanada (cheese and black beans). Their empanadas are like no others I've ever tried - the dough is cornmeal based, they're like the best corndog you ever had. I love the Tequeños (fried breaded cheese) even though I usually hate a lot of cheese. Most important of all is their hot sauce - please pour it on everything you eat and then ask for more to take home with you. I put it on my burritos once and it was the best thing I ever did!

Diner (Modern American) - Williamsburg
Although Diner is quite a bit out of my budget, Lucas and I have eaten here about 4 or 5 times. The atmosphere is really nice, and the food is almost always good. Their menu changes every day and when you sit down, the waitress writes down the list of "specials" on the table. Their salads are always great. The soups are always enticing but usually a let down for me - their chicken broth overpowers every other flavor. Their meat comes from their butcher shop right around the corner and it's all free range organic which I LIKE. I always order the fish and take a few bites from Lucas' meat when I'm feeling adventurous. Last time I was there, I noticed that the fish usually tastes the same, although sometimes it's extra special, but the meat is often exceptional. Lucas loves the hamburger and he had a coq au vin that I LOVED. No matter if the food is sometimes unpredictable, it's always a fun place to be.

Motorino (Pizza) - East Village
This place makes greeaaat Pizzas. I recommend everything. Don't dismiss the salads!

Num Pang (Cambodian Sandwiches) - West Village
They're pretty mean at this place, but it's still worth eating here. They don't make substitutions, or really any changes to their menu, which is pretty annoying sometimes. I always order the cauliflower sandwich and once I asked for regular mayonnaise instead of their vegan one and they wouldn't do it. Oh well, the sandwich is still AMAZING.

Tarallucci E Vino on 1st Ave (Pastries and Sandwiches) - East Village
I have not been to the other Tarallucci e Vino's so I can't recommend them, but at this one I like to order the Urano Sandwich (tomato, mozarella, basil, olive spread). This combination is classic (and sometimes boring) but theirs is perfect, the bread tastes like butter and there isn't even any on it! The tiramisu is good, so are the croissants (surprisingly so), and the pomiers. The hot chocolate is the best I've ever had - it's literally like drinking melted dark chocolate. They also have these tiny fruit nectar bottles that I used to drink on special occasions when I was a kid, so it's always nice to order one of those.

Thai Terminal - (Thai) - East Village
I stopped eating here a little while ago because I thought I had found a better thai take-out place, but I have reverted back in the past few weeks. The papaya salad is simply the best I've had in New York so far (I've probably had 3 or 4) - or at least it tastes the most like my favorite ones in LA (Cholada, Jitlada). Their Pad Thai is good, so are the rest of their noodle dishes and their curries.


marleezie said...

I might have to check out Caracas at some point. Actually maybe all of these..

Also I've been wanting to make pho for a while (I guess it isn't really the right season anymore) and when I do I will def be referring to yr post on it!

ilove30rock said...

I love Thai Terminal! Also they ARE mean at Num Pang! They once told me they wouldn't cook my steak well done!